Brexit is Imminent, but is it the end for Remain?

Brexit UK exit from EU negotiation process concept with Union Jack and European Union flag on a clock 3D illustration.

Tabling a motion to prevent a no deal Brexit will unlikely prevent a no deal Brexit. Taking back control, at this stage, might ease the damage, but is there another way?

By Sean Ash 

Surely it’s not the news you want to hear. We could soon be exiting the European Union. One thing the Leave camp have lacked over the course in their campaigns is a reality check. We have thrown everything at Leavers, but their sheer unfounded belief has got them this far, so maybe it’s time for us to take a leaf out of their book and believe in the impossible. 

I don’t want to come across as pessimistic or negative, as like other campaigners, the campaigning to remain did not end for me in 2016. However, assessing the current political climate, the mood of the nation along with the most likely of probabilities, we are close to falling off a cliff and it could now be the case of controlling the damage.

The Reality 

The EU have stated they are finished negotiating. They have given their final extension. Considering it took us nearly three years of negotiating to get Theresa May’s deal on the table, another deal cannot be negotiated within four months. Fact. There’s simply not enough time. I cannot see us remaining by default, and both the EU and the UK need certainty soon. 

We are running out of time and we must come to see there are only two possible ways to prevent a no deal Brexit. However, both carry risks: 

1. Would be to hold a general election with the hope that the Tories or the Brexit party do not win. 

2. Would be to secure a people’s vote on the final deal. 

However, I’m confident (realistic) they will not put remain on the table. It will be one form of a deal vs no deal. Which makes me believe that maybe Theresa May’s legacy is not done with just yet. 

The odds on getting either a people’s vote or a general election are slim, but I suspect a people’s vote will have more of a credible chance of achievement, as the new Tory leader, whoever that might be, will not want to risk handing over the keys of No.10 to Jeremy Corbyn too soon. 

Sadly and regrettably, we have tried to slam on the emergency brakes. We have tried to evacuate the train. We are running out of time and appear to be heading off a cliff ladies and gentleman.

The Wildcard

There is an unrealistic wildcard to which remain could succeed, if an appeal can be heard. There is a woman that is revered and respected to the highest of degrees. A super-power with the ability to keep this country together. 

The only person who can stop this madness and restore our EU membership, break the Brexit deadlock in parliament and without half the population turning against them has authority to do so. Albeit would mean handing the final decision over to one person. 

Our Hero could indeed be our Head of State. The Queen. It’s been nearly three centuries since Royal Assent was refused by our monarch. If Parliament cannot decide, then maybe our Queen should take hold of the situation?

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