It Can’t Possibly Be Any Worse – Theresa May Should Serve As A Cautionary Tale

Well it’s finally gone and happened. Lock your windows. Bolt the doors. The apocalypse is nigh. Theresa May will be leaving as Prime Minister. Terribly predictable, after all it is another Conservative Prime Minister felled over Europe. 

Now we get all the excitement of hustings, Boris Johnson making a tit of himself to look relatively harmless, Dominic Raab being made to look foolish because he hasn’t done his reading, Andrea Leadsom taking one last shot at the top job. At the rate candidates are declaring interest don’t be surprised if the entirety of the parliamentary party decides they want to be Tory leader.

However, on the plus side it can’t possibly get any worse, right? Except I seem to remember saying that after David Cameron swanned off to right his memoirs. I think firstly we must give credit where credit is due, it didn’t seem possible to be a worse PM than the man who gambled his country’s future to ensure party unity (hah) and keep the Tories from losing votes to Farage (double hah).

Yet against the odds May managed to do it. A resounding success, if you classify being a worse PM than Dave as an outstanding achievement, but hey different strokes for different folks I guess.I have seen various columns about May’s departure.

I thought that I would leave it a couple of days personally. It’s very easy to write how she doesn’t deserve our sympathy because in the end her tears were only saved for yourself. Of course I could always do the killed by her own inability to display flexibility approach, or even how she has lead the Tories to implosion. Again too easy.

Instead I refer you to my previous point in regards to the great battle between D-Cam and May for the undisputed title of worst PM ever. We all thought she would be better than Cameron and we were all wrong.

Theresa May has an interesting legacy if you scratch below the surface. No it’s not Brexit, that will be the legacy of The Conservative Party. Let’s not try and put this mess entirely on her. It’s not even that despite the fact she wanted to fight  ‘the burning injustices in Britain’ she has presided over an ever growing gap between society’s most vulnerable and most affluent. 

No dear reader, it’s quite simply the fact that her Premiership should as a cautionary tale to everyone. To the electorate it is quite simply ‘it could always be worse’, and with Boris as favourite to be the next leader of this country it definitely can be worse than May. 

To her successor, well where do you start? Her lack of flexibility restricted negotiations over a Deal with The EU before they even begun. A lack of openness has lead to parliament and the country to sit in a state of uninformed limbo. Matt Hancock is absolutely right, whoever succeeds her will have to be honest about the level of compromise involved in actually securing a deal, and the repercussions of any deal. 

But this is where it gets messy, what if the final part of this cautionary tale is yet to play out? The fact is while she did pander to them incessantly, she may well have been all that was holding back the hard-right of The Conservatives. If Boris or Rabb get in kiss goodbye to the idea of the moderate Conservative party.

I should be celebrating. I should be happy she’s gone. But I am not. I keep getting pulled back to how wrong I was after Cameron went. Six words. A comma. A question mark ring through my mind as a warning against compliancy. It can’t be any worse, right? 

By Jake Weatherhill

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