Labour Display Its Tribal and Darker Side of Politics by Attacking Chuka Umunna

At a time when remainers need to put party politics to one side and work together for the greater good, Labour are still out there stoking division.

By Sean Ash

No wonder the poor sod left. He was constantly labelled a ‘Blairite’ within the party and on the outside, an unprincipled traitor. Even Owen Jones had something negative to throw in about the fella. There must have been a KGB type meeting this morning within the Labour Party with the instructions to go all out against the guy. 

It honestly doesn’t surprise me. I have friends who have recently left the Labour Party and been on the receiving end of abuse. Most times, from those who once called them comrades and friends. The tribalism they are entrenched into causes for them to actually have no friends. You are only a comrade so long as you agree. Quite an authoritarian type of socialism, I take it? 

There has equally been ex Lib Dem members who I still remain friends with today. We usually wish people well where I come from. I have left the Lib Dem’s a couple of times but I’ve never been treated in such ways where me leaving has turned me into a national Judas. I’ve been welcomed back and wished well. 

Unfortunately, many Labour members that I have encountered are so entrenched in tribalism and obsessed with ideology, they will always vote Labour. Their loyalty to the party is above none, but what if the policy changes? What if Labour go further left or right? They move with the party rather than Chuka, who joined the party holding Labour values and has not wavered from his position. 

He is called unprincipled yet he has consistently held the view that we should remain in the European Union. Chuka leaving the Labour Party does not mean he is unprincipled, but more the fact that it’s difficult to find where Labour’s principles are right now. 

One minute they are for a second referendum, then they are not, then they want a Brexit customs union deal, then something else. It is Labour who cannot offer Chuka a place where he can comfortably stand. So why should he stay? 

They have thrown everything at him today, even his past; when once mentioned how he would never join the Lib Dem’s or wear a yellow rosette. This is the extent they will go to. The hatred. Throwing his past at him in order to try and discredit him. To make the Lib Dem’s turn on him. Yet it’s not rubbing off.

We forgive him. Because while Labour plant their attacks, others are able to mature and move on. They can put the national interest and constituents first. All while others are blindly and religiously loyal to a political party as if it were a church. To call Chuka self-interested is the pot calling the kettle black.

Welcome to the party Chuka. 

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