Why Remainers Must Now Step Back And Allow Brexit to Implode On Itself

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

By Sean Ash

Understandably, many might initially misinterpret this article as the act of ‘giving up’ or conceding. But that’s not how I see it. That’s not what I’m suggesting we do. What I am proposing is something different. That we play it smart. That we evolve.

I know many aren’t going to like what I’m about to suggest. I don’t blame you. Some have probably read the headline and made their minds up already. I understand. It’s been very difficult over the past few years and we’ve all come a long way together. 

Like many others, it’s impacted on my health too. I should know, having developed social anxiety due to the death threats, along with the depression of losing friends and the mental migraine of repeatedly bashing my reasoned head against walls made of dogma. It has been an emotional and psychological rollercoaster.

However, we do need a reality check. We can no longer remain in our comfort zones and pretend that everything is going to be ok. Optimism is one thing, realism another.  We shouldn’t continue fighting for things that are no longer there. Truth be told, Brexit is going to happen and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. 

We have to overcome the bereavement of 2016 and accept that remaining is now dead and buried at the bottom of the sea. It is finally starting to sink in because we are too close to the final curtain to prevent it from being drawn.

I have heard all the rhetoric over the past couple of years regarding a people’s vote, revoking article 50, a customs union and the rest of it. I’m sick and tired of the bullshit. It’s time that we faced the reality that it has been ‘No Deal’ all along. 

Theresa May was right, in the sense that, if we didn’t support her deal, then no deal would follow. A hard pill to swallow, considering being offered two different types of shit to hold in our hands. But we do fool ourselves in believing that we ever had a credible chance of preventing the inevitable. 

Some still choose to believe that it can be stopped and that’s fine. You keep telling leavers about their unicorns. But I’ve come to the bitter and harsh realisation that it was always going to happen. You can try to prove me wrong. I’ll still march with you. We should totally still march and remain united. We cannot fall apart otherwise it’s all pointless. But I do think that our time must now be used more productively, and it must evolve to building a rejoin movement rather than a Remain one. 

A rejoin movement cannot succeed without Brexit. Only with the failures of post-Brexit, will the necessary conditions be created in order to re-establish a pro-EU consciousness. I have spoken with many leave supporters, and many argue they would only accept a second referendum if we deliver on the first one. 

If we continue down the path of prevention and on our quest to remain, we seriously risk empowering the far right and putting the country into a cold civil war. There is a way to end this all but it means sacrificing chess pieces in order to win.

The Brexit Party will no longer be relevant once Brexit is delivered. They have one policy and that’s to leave. Just as UKIP are dying out along with the BNP, they too will go back to where they came from. However, if we don’t deliver, we risk putting many of these bigots in charge of domestic laws that could do even worse damage. They need to go.

A friend, who like myself is well read in history, presented concerns regarding an ‘enabling act’ being established and the far right seizing power, with Brexit opposing dissidents facing a night of long knives ourselves, and he has valid reasons to concern himself. History, after all, should teach us all the valuable lessons we need to progress. 

However, I honestly do not believe that leave voters desire to take power. They just want the referendum result delivered on. Of course they will moan when we are falling off a cliff and there will be fingers pointed at politicians, but in no way do I believe that we are reliving the 1930s and the rise of Nazi Germany. But that’s not to suggest such things are impossible. We must always be cautious.

If we continue to press on with a remain agenda, the country will forever be divided and when Brexit happens and fails, it will be remainers who are blamed. That’s why it’s time to evolve the brand into something different. Something new.

If we are to be in the EU, and have to force millions against their will to remain, then we simply aren’t ready to be in the EU and so it’s right that we leave in order to find ourselves again. The EU deserve better. Why should Europe’s progress be stalled by the likes of Nigel Farage and the growing Brexit Party? It’s time they all faced their political end by no longer being relevant. The only way to do this, is to end Brexit once and for all.

The Final scenes of the Matrix Revolutions presents how it’s done, when Neo stops fighting Agent Smith allowing him to realise the truth subsequently imploding on himself. Maybe such things are lessons to which we can learn ourselves. Everything that has a beginning, has an end. Just maybe.

3 Replies to “Why Remainers Must Now Step Back And Allow Brexit to Implode On Itself

  1. I fully agree with you.

    I’m from Germany, but if I were a Briton I would be a remainer by heart and by brain.

    But you have to see: The bad consequences of Brexit won’t come, they are already in power.

    The companies leaving the country, the nurses leaving the country, the farm workers leaving the country, the money leaving the country…
    That’s not to stop and not reversible.

    If you now not deliver Brexit the leavers will not only blame the remainers, the country will be torn for ages.

    If Britain leaves by a no-deal Brexit end of October the brutal impacts will be perceptible latest in Advent. Good time for that.

    The new year might begin with a rejoining campaign. And possibly the next elections to European Parliament will happen with Britain again.

    Without Brexit party then, and without rebate.

  2. I’ve been voicing this and thinking this for a few months now much as I hate what is happening and fervently wish we could turn the clock back and remain in the EU.

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